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Set in an immense open world, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen presents a compensating activity battle insight. Players set out on an epic experience in a rich, living world with three AI sidekicks, known as Pawns. These accomplices battle autonomously, exhibiting ability and capacity that they have created dependent on attributes gained from every player. Players can share these Pawns on the web and receive benefits of fortune, tips and methodology hints for bringing down the alarming foes. Pawns can likewise be obtained when explicit aptitudes are expected to finish different testing missions. Download Dragon’s Dogma Online


  • Dynamic battle insight – Cut off the four tops of a Hydra, move on griffins and battle airborne, or rout monsters and different animals by discovering their shortcomings. 
  • Huge amounts of substance – Includes all recently delivered DLCs, pre-request rewards, retailer-special features, and the Dark Arisen development content. Highlights the exceptionally lauded battle insight and rich customization, in addition to a tremendous underground domain to investigate with alarming beasts. 
  • Customization choices aplenty – Nine unique livelihoods for players to browse with an assortment of expertise alternatives for each, protective layer that can be redesigned and upgraded, in addition to Pawn buddies that can be prepared to accommodate your ideal battle style. 
  • Dazzling visuals – Beautiful high res illustrations with expanded loyalty. for more details visit instagram
  • Full GOG Galaxy stage uphold – Includes Achievements, Cloud Save, Pawn Hiring between players, Trading, and Leaderboards. 
  • Extended regulator uphold – notwithstanding supporting the customary console and mouse control conspire, the game locally bolsters Xbox 360, Xbox One, and other DirectInput-based game cushions, for example, the DualShock regulator. 
  • New Achievements - 9 fresh out of the box new Achievements for both new and restoring Dragon's Dogma fans! Prepare to dive profound into Bitterblack Isle…

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